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What To Bring
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I have have just started working on this area so if there isn't much there will be more!!!

-sunscreen (lots because it's expensive over there)
-face cloths
-potatoe chips (if your big on chips bring some because there 5 bucks a bag)
-Imodium/Pepto Bismol
-20-50 American 1 dollar bills (tips)
-Camera (most beautiful scenery on the planet)
-atleast one formal outfit (at some restaurants there is a dress code)
-hat/sunglasses (I hadn't ever gotten sun burnt until dominican and thats after 4 trips to Maui and 1 to Florida)
-board games for a rainy day
-lots of money to buy stuff from the vendors (100-300 dollars vendors will accept pesos/amer. dollars)
-if you want to go snorkeling and your germaphobic(freeked out from germs) bring a snorkel and mask because I'm not sure that the ones they provide are clean...

Me After The Trip.


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