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Gareth's Cool Dominican Page
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Bahia Principe

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Bavaro Princess

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Please note that there are not alot of resort books, but if you review a resort that i don't have, there will be a book for it soon! (From Gareth)

Please, if you have ever
visited Dominican, where
my guest book asks you to
right your homepage enter the
name of the Hotel/Resort
that you stayed in. Once
you have done that, right
a review of your hotel
where it says comments.
Although i have just started
my sight, i hope that in
a few years is grows to
have reviews of every resort.

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This is picture of my dad(tall guy on left side) at his favorite dancing show.

I started my sight on 8/25/01, so if there is a small amount of reviews it is because not many people have seen my sight yet.